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Saved By A Tow Truck

As you know already I have had many misadventures.  Especially as a entrepreneur I have had my fair share of accidents and close ones.  I will admit that my limo story was entertaining and fun but this story is one that is kind of spooky and fun.

It all started out when my car broke down on the side of a highway and I needed a tow so I got my phone out and searched for a tow truck company in Portland and I found one.   And they had a truck ready and available.

Ok that not the spooky part but was really spooky was the truck literally showed up in 2 minutes and the driver knew my name and I never gave my name to the dispatcher.  But that is not even the weird part yet.

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SEO Genie

As of a day ago I had no idea what SEO was and why it really even mattered.  I always liked the idea of helping people and especially helping the succeed.

I have this friend in Portland and he is all into this thing called search engine optimization.  His Facebook page tells you what he is all about which is about Portland SEO.

So I asked him what exactly does that mean and what exactly do you do.  And his reply was simple.

“I help people get found on the internet.”  So I thought okay still what does that mean,  So he told me to do a simple search and tell me what you find on the subject.  So that is what I did.

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It All Started

night in a limoAs I have been telling you I have some pretty awesome stories.  At least I think they are awesome and I will let you decide for yourself.  So here goes the first story for you.

It all started out as a normal Friday night.  We all were excited to be done with work and ready to bring on Friday night with all it’s fun activities.  This Friday night we wanted to treat as a special one because my friend Jason quit his horrible job and he did it in amazing fashion.  He decided he had enough stormed into his bosses office and told him to F off and then stood on top of a desk and told everybody else to F off and he stormed out.  My hero.

So we called my buddy Mark who is an owner operator of a limo company Limo Beaverton http://limobeaverton.com and he happened to have a free limo for the night.

So we got to have a free limousine to ride around in for the night.

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The Entrepreneur

Eyes on ComputerAs I said in my about me page I am an entrepreneur.  Which yes does mean at times I am broke but at other times money is rolling in like crazy.

During one of broke periods when I was trying to come up with some ideas of what to do next I decided to go see my friend who is a plumber at Salem Best Plumber.  He is an apprentice still at the company but I did get to speak to the owners and it was an eye opening meeting.

My main purpose was just to see what needs business have so maybe I can create a way to solve those needs and make some money on my end while making the customer a lot of money also.  I wanted to make it a win win situation.  That way I could go to bed at night knowing I made a real difference in someones life.

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Who Done It

This story has a lot to do with my good friend flounder.  Who I want to give a real big shout out to because he is traveling around Europe on his companies dime.  He has actually been doing that for quite a while so a hug shout out to him.  I guess you can do stuff like that when yo are single and have no kids.  Needless to say  I am living vicariously through him.

One night when we got back to our house from a fun night of drinking libations.  We decided we were hungry which is what usually happens.  We of course closed the bar down so not much was open so we found some frozen chicken wings in the freezer that we obtained from Costco.

So we got all excited and popped this wings in the oven.

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Chobit The Blogger

blogAre you kidding me!

I am now a blogger.  I thought blogging was for the super techy people, celebrities, and stay at home moms.  I can’t believe I am now consider a blogger of sorts.

Those were the feeling I had right when the idea sprung into my head that blogging might be a good idea.  So I did what anyone would do I did some research into blogging.  And believe it or not I found lots of good stuff.  The one great place I found which was a treasure trove of great ideas and information was of all places Wikipedia.   I know I can’t believe I am sourcing Wikipedia also but it really broke it down exactly what a blog is.

It can be a:

  • Diary of sorts
  • A full blown website of sorts
  • A video blog
  • A newspaper

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Welcome To My Site

welcome to my blogHey There.  Great to see you here at The Chobits Mails.  I will be adding to this site frequently so please stop by soon and check it out.

Great to see you at my amazing blog.  My nickname is Chobit but my real name is Colvin.  I have no idea what the name Chobit means but I think it is kind of cool.  I got that name while I was in college.  I had a pretty crazy group of friends and we all gave each other random nick names.  Kind of like in Animal House.  Which I would have to say is one of the most amazing movies ever made.  I want to think my college experience was like that.  Maybe in my mind but thats all right with me.

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